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About Us

Our Branch of the GMB covers a large area offering support to our members over a diverse rang of companies. Many members join us because they suffer bullying and harassment at work, poor safety, or discrimination.

We understand the difficulties you as an employee can face in the working environment, that is why we are dedicated to protect your rights in the workplace.

Many employees who face difficulties can sometimes be confused and put under pressure by the workplace. Many not knowing what their rights are… We are here to listen and help our members.

We have a dedicated team of shop stewards placed in our members working environment who will assist you with any issues you face.

You can also contact your branch secretary for any urgent issues you may have.

As a GMB member, you will be able to access services such as:

  • Representation at grievances
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Negotiations on your pay and conditions at work
  • Health and safety
  • How to Deal with Bullying and Harassment
  • Equality at Work
  • Discrimination
  • Understanding your rights
  • Any many more..

We listen and protect your rights….

We represent GMB members who work in:
“Be protected in the workplace”