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3rd October 2014 – Branch Meeting

Attendees : Derek Rawlings, David Stiles, Lorna Gayle, Abdool Carrim
Apologies: M Husbands, Steven Voller.


BRANCH SECERTARYS REPORT: I have been asked by Counsellor Pritam Grewal to put to the branch that we support him, Mr P Vig and Mr T Birdi by the branch nominating them as delegates. Pritam has been a Labour Party Councillor for 12 years and both Mr Vig and Mr Birdi are active labour party members.

Apologies were given as they were not able to attend the branch meeting due to other commitments.

The branch was interested in supporting members of the labour party however, the question was asked as to how the respective members had supported GMB values and how they proposed to support GMB values moving forward.

It was put to the vote and the Branch voted No. They felt that they did not have enough information and questions needed to be answered before the branch could support these delegates.
( I have requested further information from Pritam in regards to the questions raised and am waiting for this to be provided)

The branch will be expanding by nearly 200 members at the end of October as Omniserve have decided to join our branch. I am hopeful that the members will become actively involved in branch business moving forward.

G4S are pushing the Health & Safety agenda and we have now actively involved in encouraging this agenda, Steven Voller has been elected as our Senior Health & Safety rep.

New action forms have been designed and will be roled out in G4S to assist shop stewards and if sucessful could be roled out across the companies within the branch.

The branch finances are up to date.

The diaries have been ordered and will be distributed by hand when they arrive.


CARRIM – CARGO: From 1st November Premia will go to 12 hour Shift, however the shift pattern has not been decided yet. I have a meeting with Kevin on the 10th October 2014.

I have had a call from the labour party in uxbridge asked for our support.

NOBBY -B45 Not much is happening at the moment uniforms are still slow moving, staff are still not getting holidays on time.

LORNA GAYLE: Congress in July, Paul Kenny said that the membership is good and has grown well, we are now debt free, he wants to increase the pension fund to one million for GMB workers, retired members fee to be increased to £40 one off payment.He suggested a womans conference to be discussed, the membership fees have been increased by 5 pence per week from 1st October 2014.

Regional Council: 27th September 2014, Membership has grown by 2000 member, there was a fund raising night for prostrate cancer that raised £3000. Over 50 members turned out for the Young members event. Unionline is now up and running. Please make sure that members are aware of the rally coming up on the 18th October for a living wage, we need as much support as possible.

London region is doing well, more members are councillors, hammersmith rally was a victory, 8000 people marched in July. 150 members went to peterborough in support of the Labour Party candidate for MP on the 15th March, 2000 leaflets were given out or posted through doors We are also supporting the campaign in Norwich to elect a councillor. It was also suggested that it would be good for more new delegates to attend congress and the region are encouraging branchs to send more, the region also identified that more support could be provided by the officers.

Sediqu Khan visited us, the GMB played its part in keeping scotland as part of the UK.
The GMB is leading the way to keep the NHS.
The GMB is pushing the government to get minimum wage to £8, we are pushing the government to build more homes and stop bedroom tax and zero hour contracts.
We also need more MEP’s

Gary Doolan: We need more Labour Party Members, the clps have gone down, Vicas has refused to recognise the GMB.

Posted: 11th September 2014

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